Who is St. Barbara?

About Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara of Izmit is thought to have lived about the year 300. Much information about her has been lost and the corners have been filled in by faith and legends.

Saint Barbara was said to be an extremely beautiful daughter of a wealthy pagan named Dioscorus, who lived near Nicomedia in Asia Minor. Fearful of losing his gorgeous daughter, he jealously shut her up in a tower to protect her from the outside world.

 Shortly before embarking on a journey, Dioscorus commissioned a sumptuous bathhouse to be built for her. During her father's journey Saint Barbara spent much time in contemplation. She was attracted to the Christian Faith and the beauty of God reflected in nature. Rejecting the idols of her parents' religion, she was baptized and modified her Father's approved design of the bathhouse to include a third window to honor the Trinity. When Dioscorus returned he was enraged by his daughter's conversion to Christianity and modification of his design. In his anger he delivered her to civil authorities who ordered her tortured and beheading. It is said that Dioscorus himself carried out the death sentence and on his way home was struck by lightning and reduced to ashes. 

 Saint Barbara is included among the 14 Holy Helper Saints. She is invoked for protection during thunderstorms, fires, and sudden death, and is also the patron saint of artillerymen, miners, and prisoners. Her feast is celebrated on December 4. She is often depicted with the tower with three windows, the palm branch of a martyr's victory, the chalice of salvation with the bread of life, and the sword of a protector. 

For more information about St. Barbara along with other Saints go to https://catholicsaints.info/

St. Barbara's History

Additional Historical Information on St. Barbara Catholic Church.

  • In 1903 Our Lady of the Rosary built in Franklin, Father Fafara is assigned as pastor there and its mission parish, St. Barbara in Black Diamond. 
  • 1908 Father Aloysius Millnar is assigned priest for Black Diamond.
  • On April 25th in 1909 Aboccdo Ciavarro is the first Baptism recorded in Black Diamond.
  • Bishop O'Dea dedicates St. Barbara Church on October 23rd, 1910.
  • 1914 St. Aloysius, Ravensdale established but lasted only about 18 months due as a tragic mining disaster resulted in the town's decline.
  • 1914 Holy Cross in Taylor, WA dedicated (Stations now displayed at St. Barbara).
  • 1915 St. Barbara Church mortgage retired. 
  • 1916 The Benedictines of St. Martins in Lacy supply priest for St Barbara.
  • In 1935 Owner of Bank of Black Diamond embezzles  funds including all St. Barbara deposits - approximately $500 was taken.  
  • 1938 Benedictine Sisters from St. Placid in Lacy start organized religious education at St. Barbara until 1944. 
  • In  1942 War shortages and fewer priests cause the Benedictines to return parish to archdiocesan priest staffing.
  • 1946 The Dominican Sisters take over religious education until 1959.
  • 1952 Fr. John McLoughlin a Maryknoll priest returns from China to become pastor
  • 1957 Fr. Horan purchases land that the new (1998) church was built.
  • 1966 June 18, Parish Hall dedicated by Archbishop Connolly.
  • 1973 The parish and Fr. Dick Mitchell undertake structural upgrades to aging parish facilities.
  • 1975 September 24, Archbishop Hunthausen's first priest assignment stations Fr. Charles Palluck at St. Barbara.
  • With the retirement of Fr. Chuck Palluck in 2009, Fr. David Young becomes the pastor of St. Barbara. 
  • 2013 Fr Dave Rogerson is welcomed in as our current pastor. 

St. Barbara Catholic Church, Black Diamond Wa.   early years.

St. Barbara Catholic Church, Black Diamond Wa.   early years.