St. Barbara's Parish Staff

Fr. Dave Rogerson


360-886-2229 ext. 226

Sacraments (including Matrimony, Anointing of the Sick, and Funerals), Mass announcements, Mass Intentions

Andrea Shimek

Administrative Assistant

360-886-2229 ext. 225

Scheduling, general inquiries, prayer chain requests, Mass prayer cards

David Cromer

Pastoral Assistant for Administration

360-886-2229 ext. 227

Administration, Parish Finances & Contributions, Parish Facilities

Valerie Winston Healy

Pastoral Associate        

360-886-2229 ext. 222

Baptism Preparation, RCIA, Confirmation, Faith Formation: Adults - Grades 6-12

Sara Hotchkiss

 Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation      

360-886-2229 ext. 221

Grades Pre K-5 Faith Formation, First Communion, Reconciliation