Our Pastor - Fr. Dave Rogerson

Fr. Dave Rogerson, Pastor St. Barbara parish, Black Diamond Wa.

Who is our Pastor?

Fr. Dave Rogerson is our current pastor.  He has served in the Seattle Archdiocese for over 40 years, and at St. Barbara since 2013.  He enjoys the welcoming spirit of our parish and its growing dedication to serving those in need in our larger community.  His interests include woodcarving, swimming, reading, walks and movies.  He has a practical spirituality connecting our everyday lives to our faith and experience of Jesus.

St. Barbara Catholic Church

We are a Welcoming Parish

Saint Barbara is a welcoming parish that consciously provides spiritual growth for everyone, and advocates the relationship of Christ and family within the home and the community. We are glad that you came today. If you would like to register to become a member of St. Barbara Church, please fill out the “New Parishioner Registration Form”, located in the narthex of the church and return them to the collection basket or to the Parish Office.  

Please join us in praising God, calling upon our Lord, Jesus Christ, and revering Mary and The Saints.  

All are welcome in this place. 


Our Parish is about people: their lives, their faith, their stories, their relationships, their gifts, and their involvement. We celebrate what God has done for us and are open to where the Spirit calls us to be in the future. We are humbled and grateful for people brought into our lives through the gift that is St. Barbara Church.

Since the founding of the parish a little over a century ago, St. Barbara Church has adapted as times, occupations, and situations have changed. As Covington and Maple Valley have expanded toward Black Diamond, this once small rural town experiences gradual transformation. Founded by immigrants, we stand ready to welcome the faith, gifts, and enriching perspectives of an increasingly diverse community.

We rejoice in the many family members, guests and visitors who venture our way and look forward each year to the skiers, hikers and outdoor folks who drop by for Mass on their way to the slopes and mountains.