Saint Barbara Parish

Sacramental Life and Preparation


Baptisms are celebrated during Masses. The community joyfully welcomes its newest members. Parents/guardians are asked to attend a preparation class prior to the Baptism in order to become more familiarized with the Sacrament and what will happen during the actual Baptism. Parents need to designate two Christian sponsors, at least one of whom needs to be a practicing Catholic. Please contact Valerie Winston Healy for specific information at 360-886-2229 or email Valerie.


Teens are invited to complete their initiation in the Catholic way of life through the celebration of the gift of God's Spirit. A preparation program regularly begins every other year. Guest speakers, a retreat, and time to grow in the faith enable this to be a meaningful time. Please contact Valerie Winston Healy for further information at 360-886-2229 or email Valerie.


Second graders prepare to encounter Jesus in the sacrament of Eucharist (Communion). This 'Bread of Life' nourishes us and sustains us on our Christian journey. Those with special needs or requirements can be accommodated. Please contact Sara Hotchkiss at 360-886-2229 or email Sara.


The Church lists this along with Anointing of the Sick as Sacraments of healing. A hallmark of Jesus' ministry was healing and returning proper dignity and strength to those in need. The individual celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation takes place each first Saturday from 4:30 to 5:00pm and throughout the Church year during religious education sessions. A communal celebration takes place each Advent and Lent. Individual appointments for the sacrament can be arranged at any mutually agreeable time. Please contact Sara Hotchkiss for first reconciliation or Fr. Dave for individual reconciliation at 360-886-2229 or email Sara or email Fr. Dave.

Anointing of the Sick

We are a reconciling and healing community. Although sickness and suffering are inevitable parts of life, the prayer and support of the faith community helps to make these times not only bearable, but even spiritually meaningful. Those facing operations, dealing with significant chronic health situations, serious illness, or in need of special spiritual or emotional support are invited to this Sacrament of compassion. Arrangements can be made for before or after Sunday Mass, by special arrangement or twice a year during Sunday Masses. Please contact Fr. Dave for further information at 360-886-2229 or email Fr. Dave.


The committed love between a husband and wife is the closest earthly image of a loving God. The community joins in celebrating with couples usually on a Saturday, but also possibly during a weekend liturgy. Engaged couples are asked to take part in one of a number of possible preparation programs. Marriage is usually celebrated in the home parish of either the prospective bride or groom. It is important to be registered in a parish. Catholic brides / grooms should have celebrated Confirmation prior to their wedding, as they are the primary ministers of this sacrament. Please contact Fr. Dave for further information at 360-886-2229 or email Fr. Dave.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults-RCIA (Invitation Series)

Those interested in finding out more about the Catholic Church or desiring to join the Church are invited to a series of classes and discussions. At St. Barbara this is entitled the "Invitation" series. This program runs each fall through the Easter Season. For more information contact Valerie Winston Healy, Pastoral Associate, 360-886-2229 or email Valerie.


Most often, couples enter into marriage with the intention of making a life-long commitment. Sometimes, however, the seeds of the marriage coming apart are there from the beginning. Sometimes the necessary maturity, life skills, difficult background, or hindrances to making a free commitment suggest that grounds may exist for annulling the marriage. Parish staff members, Kareen Kasprzyk and Valerie Winston Healy, can assist with the process. Please contact the parish office at 360-866-2229 for information.